Of Dignity and Rights

Of Dignity and Rights sound sculpture @ Paxos Island, Greece

“Even before I was able to hear, THEY sounded; bells, sirens and drums shrouded the voices of existence within clouds of smoke. Such sounds forced the spirit to scream for a need for the articulation of bright and big words. After so many years since I was listening through the wet darkness of the womb I can still hear drums and sirens, but feel unable to understand the words; words destined to stay just words.”

Of Dignity and Rights sound sculpture was presented at the old customs house of Paxos island, Greece as part of the exhibition Marble, Metal and Sound.

The installation which was exhibited along with the works of sculptors Yiannis Brouzos and Katerina Mitsiali consisted of three parts

  • Part 1: March in March [Keratsini, Greece]
  • Part 2: 1360 Words [Performed by Lina Exarhou]
  • Part 3: Forget me Not [Krems, Austria]

The Audible