God is Sitting in a Room

Within the Holy of Holies, deep inside Solomon’s temple, it is said that what could be found was just an empty seat within a wide shut and forbidden space. There was the presence of God; “the Name”. Around him we gathered and with cries and screams and noise we demanded his attention.


The interactive sound installation God is sitting in a room is an effort to set free the divine. The artwork provides the opportunity for Man to sit in the place of God and suffer as he does; to feel confined within a cocoon of hymns, trapped and forced to suffer our cacophony.

When the visitor sits on the armchair a set of concrete sound recordings from the region of Israel and Palestine are diffused by a matrix of 8 active loudspeakers. Each loudspeaker corresponds to one sound, following the choroechoic composition technique proposed by the artist’s research.

The artwork was presented as part of the media art exhibition Diko mou at Romantso, Athens 2016.

Stereo Excerpt: