Sisyphus in Bits

Inspired by the radiophonic theatrical plays of the 50’s, Sisyphus in Bits is an attempt to highlight an innovative way of presenting spontaneous storytelling, by pointing out how modern digital media and networking can influence the creative process. By applying ‘Text-to-speech’ customized algorithms to the wall of the artist’s personal Facebook page and using audio interpretations of the corresponding elements, a peculiar story takes form. The work unfolds from the present to the past as the machine reads the wall in the direction of digital oblivion. At the same time, elements such as the dynamics of public access to information and the postmodernist approach to the phenomenon Jean Baudrillard calls ‘the precession of the Simulacra’ are highlighted. Finally, the project draws on Camus’s philosophical idea of the ​​”paradox of the absurd”, underlining self-defining behavior – as act of freedom – as something inescapable, which in turn brings about unpredictability.

Sisyphus in Bits was presented as part of the Retrospective at Megaron Digital Arts Festival in May 2017 at the Athens Concert Hall.

Audio Excerpt: