Luc Messinezis is a professional artist and researcher working across sound, installation and performance. Despite his former scientific background he changed direction and holds an MA in Sound Arts awarded by the University of the arts London and a PhD after completing his research “Aural Simulacra: Sonic hyperreality and the orders of the heard” at the Department of Audiovisual arts of Ionian University. His practice explores aural awareness, perception, anthropology, notions of authenticity and reality. He has presented several of his artworks in venues across the globe and authored numerous publications.

Selected Exhibitions

January 2020 – minus20degree Festival for Art and Architecture, Sound Artist (Flachau, Austria)
Commissioned to create and present the site specific land sound artwork Amalgama. The sound intervention took place at a public pathway of Flachau from the 23rd until the 25th of January 2020 fusing two realities into an amalgam – a hyperreality – with different properties.

October 2019 – Into my garden come @ Primarolia Festival 2019, Sound Artist (Egio, Greece).
An original artwork called Flowers from the Uncanny Valley was commissioned to feature at “Into my
garden come” contemporary art show part of the first Primarolia festival. The artwork was designed and realised in collaboration with sculptor Yiannis Brouzos.

May 2017 – Digital Art exhibition Retrospective at Megaron, Sound Artist (Athens, Greece)
Presented the original artwork Sisyphus in Bits. The sound installation piece was on display the 20th and the 21st of May 2017 at Megaron Mousikis – the Athens Concert Hall.

March 2016 – Digital Art exhibition “Diko mou”, Sound Artist (Athens, Greece)
Was invited by the curators to Present the original artwork God is Sitting in a Room. The multi-channel interactive installation piece received very positive critiques and was on display between 16 and 23 of March 2016.

May 2015 – Athens Digital Arts Festival 2015, Sound Artist (Athens, Greece)
Invited by Athens Digital art Festival and Project to present a new version of the installation Eavesdropping; Crisis as part of festival’s 2015 Edition themed “Public Space_s”.

June 2013 – Implode Festival 2013, Sound Artist/Performer (Khalkis, Greece)
Invited to perform live the concrete live improvisation piece Sonic Garbage as part of the first experimental and sound art festival Implode Festival at the city of Khalkis.

May 2013 – Art Athina 2013 Art Fair, Sound Artist (Athens, Greece)
Presented the sound sculpture Destination: Journey as part of Artia Gallery’s art platform platform Emeis33 for Art Athina 2013.

September 2012 – Marble Metal and Sound, Sound Artist (Paxos Island, Greece)
Presented the sound sculpture Of Dignity and Rights as part of the exhibition Marble Metal and Sound at the old customs house of Logos village of Paxos Island.

November 2011 – Ethnographic Terminalia, Sound Artist (Montreal, Canada)
The artwork Eavesdropping; Crisis was officially selected and presented at Ethnographic Terminalia 2011 art show in Montreal, Canada.

September 2011 – Reworks festival 2011, Sound Artist (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Presented the installation Eavesdropping; Crisis as part of the sound art exhibition Sounds Like Art. The show was curated by E. Papavergou and was part of Reworks 2011 music festival.

July 2011 – Pyrgos Cultural Centre, Sound Artist (Tinos Island, Greece)
Presented the installation Eavesdropping; Crisis. The work explored the attributes of the act of eavesdropping inviting the audience to undertake the role of the eavesdropper and discover hidden aspects of everyday life through times of financial crisis.

December 2010 – SoundFjord, Sound Artist (London, UK)
Developed the audio work I Saw as part of the sonic exquisite corpse project which was presented at Soundfjord gallery and research unit. The show was curated by H. Frosi.

April 2010 – Levendel Bloch Gallery, Sound Artist (Ein Hod, Israel)
Design and realization of the sound art installation Forest in a Forest. The work was an audiovisual appreciation of the forests around the Carmel Mountains. Visual and audio elements were removed from their original context and were used as materials for creative practice within the context of a gallery.

July 2009 – SoundPool , Sound Artist (International)
Stereo adaptation of the artwork Wunderkammer: The sound cabinet of curiosities. The work is exhibited online at SoundPool VI, which was curated by W.A. de Colone.

November 2008 – IMT Gallery/Electra Productions, Sound Artist (London, UK)
Designed and realized the multichannel sound art project Wunderkammer: The sound cabinet of curiosities, proposing a new compositional strategy. The work was presented at IMT Gallery, London as part of the exhibition ‘Audio Forensics’.


December 2015 – ScreenGrab7 International Media Award, Award nominee (Townsville, Australia)
Shortlisted for the ScreenGrab7 media award for the artwork The Modern Book of Cynics. The piece was on display at Pinaccles Gallery between 18 December 2015 and 28 February 2016.

May/June 2010 – AIR Krems, Artist in residence (Krems, Austria)
Awarded with the opportunity to develop new work as an artist in residence for two months in Krems, Austria. Works developed included the Sound installation/performance piece Sonic Garbage and the SoundMark Series.


September 2018 – 5th Conference on Acoustic Ecology , Author (Kalamata, Greece)
Panel presentation at the 5th Conference on Acoustic Ecology, organized by the Hellenic Forum of Acoustic Ecology (Member of WFAE). The artist elaborated on the subject of alchemical processes within sound arts practice.

May 2017 – Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art & Science 2017 Conference, Sound Artist (Corfu, Greece)
Poster and panel presentation at TTT2017 Conference of the practice based research project titled: ‘Aura Simulacra: The signal’s path to metamorphosis’. The corresponding article has been published in the Technoetic Arts Journal.

May 2015 – 7th International FKL Symposium on the Soundscape, Sound Artist (Castello di Beseno, Italy)
The hyperrealist Sound Artwork Is-Real was selected and presented during the seventh edition of the international symposium on soundscape organized by the FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft). The symposium was hosted by Festival Portobeseno 2015.

February 2015 – Traces of Commerce, Workshop leader (Athens, Greece)
Invited by Athens Digital art Festival and Project #AddNoise to organize and lead the first Athens Sound Art Workshop. During the Workshop the participants had the chance to introduce themselves to the principles and history of Sound Art Discourse, as well as to practically explore the aural reality of a location by using DIY equipment.

July 2014 – Blank! Urban Space, Sound Artist/Supervisor (Athens, Greece)
Designed the presentation and supervised the installation of Dr. John Wynne’s and Tim Wainwrights’ audio-visual artwork “I am not the Cancer”.

September 2013 – Teatro Di Dionisio, Sound Artist (Torino, Italy)
Contributed with his field recordings to the sound design of the theatrical adaptation by the award winning director Valter Malosti of the poem Clarel. The recordings were captured in various locations within Israel and Palestine.

July 2012 – The Global Composition 2012, Lecturer (Darmstadt, Germany)
Selected to give a lecture for the world soundscape conference of 2012. Presented the research undertaken in exploiting the soundscape for artistic purposes, by approaching it from an existentialist perspective and investigating the possibility of creating sonic hyper-real environments.

March 2009 – London College of Communication, Guest Lecturer (London, UK)
Invited to hold a lecture at LCC (University of the Arts London) as part of the MA in sound arts. The lecture referred to sound objects and their use within the contemporary arts and composition.