The Sacramental Order: New Gods / Old Gods

This is about Aural Simulacra of the sacramental order. The order of the heard to which audio reflections of a profound acoustic reality belong. Field recordings seem to be of the sacramental order. Yet two questions arise. How the medium of production and of reproduction affects the orders of the heard? How true is it that the medium IS the message?

New Gods / Old Gods is a sound sculpture produced as the outcome of the research on these questions. The acoustic reality of the shipyards located at the outskirts of Piraeus was captured in parallel by two different means; a digital recorder and a vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder. The audience are invited to hearken to those parallel recordings that have been arranged as a soundscape composition, but diffused each from one channel of the stereophonic spectrum. The sculpture is a commentary on the value and importance of the old and its relationship to the notion of the new. A battle of the media trying to tell the same story. The parallelisms are for the audience to make up, by the feelings this audiovisual appreciation evokes.

New Gods / Old Gods was on display during the OANNES open studio weekend the 4th and 5th of May 2019.