ScreenGrab7 Media Award Nomination

The Audio/Visual Artwork The Modern Book of Cynics has been shortlisted for the ScreenGrab7 Media Award and will be on display at Pinnacles Gallery in Townsville, Australia from the 18 December 2015 to 28 February 2016. You may find additional information about the event and the shortlisted artworks at the following link:

About the artwork: “The Modern Book of Cynics is neither a written text nor a narrated one; it is the whole of the reading experience it suggests, and its message is communicated through the feelings these conditions evoke. By creating a perceptual confusion, the mind of the reader resists receiving the direct messages of each one of the used texts. It is this kind of inner resistance that gives birth to the true meaning of the book. The artwork is a sarcastic commentary; a cynic’s effort to provoke awareness and dare the individual in his/her turn to resist hypocrisy and to assume his or her true position within the field of responsibility of being human.”

More information on the artwork may be found HERE.