Luc Messinezis @ Ars Electronica 2020

Luc Messineszis’ “Procession of the Simulacra. A journey through hyperreality in four movements”, was officially selected for presentation as part of Ars Electronica 2020 Sound Campus programme. The work was exhibited from the 9th until the 13th of September 2020 via the social and public virtual environment for sound art exhibition and concerts, Metaverse.

The Artwork. Paraphrasing J. Baudrullard’s “Precession of the simulacra”, Luc Messinezis created a Musique concrète piece which explores what would be considered the aural equivalent of that phenomenon. In the realm of appearances, simulacra are things that have no relationship to anything real, yet they have become a reality of their own. The artist attempts to lead the audience on a sonic journey through time and space associated with media archeology; from the appearance of the first home computers until today’s standard technological tools such as smartphones and their recognisable concrete audible reality, which through the last few decades has been preceding ours.

For more information on the artwork click HERE.